Luka, Chief of Security at Schaefer Guitars

Scheduling Mid-September Archtop Building Class

I am scheduling a mid-September archtop building class where you watch me build an archtop in 10 days!  On the tenth day we string it

Customized Luthery Classes

I do not advertise it very often, but I offer customized luthery classes to meet your needs. Learn to build any style guitar or any

The Levitator Has Landed

The Levitator is a set neck, blended heel solid body. It resembles a Tele body, but don’t judge a book by its’ cover! Features of

SOLD!!! The ONLY Schaefer Goldtop 25″ EAS235 Is NO LONGER For Sale

THIS GUITAR IS SOLD!!! ORIGINAL LISTING: The only 25″ Schaefer Goldtop EAS235 on the planet is for sale. It’s one of a kind. SPECS: 25″ Scale

Shop Photos Spring 2014

Check out these photos of the shop on our facebook page of what’s going on. Check it out!

Frank D’Rone

Frank D’Rone I’m sad to say my good friend and incredible musician frank D’Rone passed away October 3. One of the warmest and kindest people I’ve

Kelsey Wickliffe

Kelsey Wickliffe plays bass in K.O.S.L., a band from Austin, TX. Her left handed Mule Bass by Ed Schaefer takes her playing to places unknown,

Apprenticeships Available

I do not advertise this too often, but I do offer customized apprentiship programs…..this is another way of saying luthier school!!! Yes…you pay me and